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Living in Thailand

Thai students know grammar. Their speaking, writing, reading comprehension, and listening skills,
however, are not well developed. One major reason is that authentic English language communication
is not common in much of Thailand.
”It is important to learn English from native speakers. Native speakers can provide authentic input.
The ideal environment is still in the English-speaking environment.  But in Asia, we don’t have this environment.”
(Connecting Asia) 

Even in locals where students have access to the internet, authentic English is not presented in a
cohesive fashion. He/She may read an essay in a textbook or an article in an English language newspaper; listen to a pod cast; write an email or chat, using instant messaging; or speak during class, but these are isolated activities.  All of these activities should develop and improve skills, but they do not because the activities are not under one comprehensive, English language-learning umbrella.

ACE-TESOL is developing a program methodology that incorporates reading, writing, speaking,
and listening skills.
“Ideally, the purpose of learning English is for communication because eventually we want our
learners to be able to use English at meetings, in trade, in writing and email communications,
and for all kinds of oral proficiencies…. We …need to train listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.” (Connecting Asia) 

This unique program that ACE-TESOL is developing will bring together the four skills; will allow
Thai students to speak English with native speakers; listen to and participate in authentic English
discussions; read stories that will improve their English comprehension and vocabulary; and prepare
essays that will improve their writing skills. The program involves developing a textbook and website
that will provide Thai students with access to live English tutors during the weekdays and weekends.
The tutors will be native English speakers or speakers with near native competency. 

Further, the tutors will be required to have master degrees in TESOL or TESOL Certificates.